portál o slovenskom dizajne
Ján Turzo

2013, part of cast steel fence

copy ‒ master


2013, 3D modelling end rendering for advertising material

HUG ‒ jewel case

2002, recreating cubist picture "Hug" from Honorio Garcia Condoy

SIGN necklace / deal

2011, this sign is created from parts of fences from slovakia 174 mm x 143 mm


2012,  Workshop Honor the Work,  exterior light sculpture 2.5 m  length ,  place for Thought

H20 carafe

2010, carafe for water, designed under supervision of Patrik Illo, realized in RONA glassworks;


2009, RGB LED curve light,
material 1 mm thin plywood and aluminium plates;

Anchor bolt / 2007 National Price for Design Honorable mention

2006, anchor bolt for repeated use, diameter of hole 10 mm, material steel and rubber;

Čerička ZX

2008, experimental musical instrument on water-haptic light-electronics base.
It is created in cooperation with psychologist and musician Matej Gyárfáš.
It is exhibited in network festival Multiplace A4 Bratislava 2008, Pohoda Festival 2009, Play Mánes Prague 2010.

čerička ZX

Honor for rayonism / price in light category

2009, Workshop Honor the Work, exterior light 1 m high, stone and low pressure sodium vapor lamps; http://www.jarisonline.net/foto2009/praci% 20cest/index.php

17'th November – Student's Day / I Care A Lot

2009, don't forget jewel to mention events that have lead to Student's Day.

Fences – Door

2011, collecting shapes of fences from socialism era was finished in big both-side door-collator; collected shapes were used for collators.

Owl / 2009 National Price for Design – Honorable mention

2007, effectively stockable PET bottle for water in two sizes:
7 l cubosphere with 210 mm side, 19 l cubosphere with 280 mm side;


2006, shape study, material 1 mm thin plywood, length 400 mm;

Bell"e" fashion

2008, partnership with fashion designer Lenka Sršňová;
constructing of supporting structure and bells, material copper;