portál o slovenskom dizajne
Mgr. art. Martyn Žabka

Martyn is a young designer from Slovakia. He studied furniture design at Technical University in Zvolen. His work is characterized by searching function and form between industrial purity and natural diversity. He is also interested in ecology issues and sustainable design. He works with irony, jokes and ambiguity in the context of everyday life. His products got a soul. 



2010 - 2012 Furniture design, Technical university in Zvolen, Mgr. art.

2006 - 2010 Furniture design, Technical university in Zvolen, Bc.

2002 - 2006 Furniture and interior design, Secondary school of Design and Wood  Industry


2014 DMY BERLIN, Project Flowers for Slovakia

2014  Zamek Ciezsyn - Orangeria, Project Flowers for Slovakia, Poland

2013  DESIGNBLOK PRAHA  2013, Project Flowers for Slovakia, Czech. rep.

2013  DESIGN WEEK BRATISLAVA 2013, Project Flowers for Slovakia, Slovakia

2013  DESIGN WEEK BRATISLAVA 2013, Solo exhibition, Slovakia


2013,  Stockholm Designweek, furniture fair and Northen light, Sweden

2012 DMY BERLIN, Prize of  Professor Halabala, Slovak Institute, Berlin, Germany

2012 DESIGNBLOK, Prize of  Professor Halabala, (2011), Prague, Czech. rep.

2012  Prize of  Professor Halabala, (2011), Budapest, Hungary

2012  Prize of  Professor Halabala, (2011), Warsaw, Poland

2012 DESIGNWEEKEND, solo exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia

2011 DESIGNWEEKEND, solo exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia


IVY wordrobe (2010)

IVY wardrobe is one of three products from my Bachelor work collection. The main topic was the intersection of nature, architecture and living space. General inspiration was the parasites like Ivy and fungi in wild nature. Relationship between tree and parasites. In my collection is wood construction as tree  and is overgrowth with felt fabric as ivy. Ivy leaf was also inspiration for handles.  


Design : Martyn Žabka (2010)

Material: Pine wood, felt

Consultation: Mariál Laššák

FUNGI tables (2010)

FUNGI tables are products from my Bachelor work collection. The main topic was the intersection of nature, architecture and living space. General inspiration was the parasites like Ivy and fungies in wild nature. Relationship between tree and parasites. In my collection is wood construction as tree and is overgrowth with fungi, which create normal object like lamp or vase from paperwaste.
Design : Martyn Žabka (2010)

Material: Pine wood, modified paper waste
Consultation: Mariál Laššák

FLOWERS FOR SLOVAKIA : Lost and Found edition : project McTatra (2013)

Flowers for Slovakia is an exceptional project for exceptional students. Lost & Found is an original set of furniture and interior accessories. The basic creative process of the selected students this time was linking the traditional Slovak folk furniture types with unmistakable aesthetic of Vitra elements.

McTATRA  by Martyn Žabka :

Bowl – vahan served for food preparation, carrying flour, shaping the dough or as a container for food since time out of mind. Chairs exerted paradoxically in folk dwellings rather late – only late in the 20s of the 20th century they are a common inventory of traditional dwellings.Combining of more than 80-year-old Vahan coming from the Podpoľanie region and slightly younger chairs tableware set titled McTatra originated. Family dining is now reduced to a quick dinner in pairs or even alone. The object reflects the contrast of our over-busy reality, to rituals of worship of the self-grown food.

text from project official web site www.f4sk.com

AXEL light family (2013)

Axe stuck. Collection of lamps AXEL was designed in the spirit of one of the principles sustainability and wise handling of natural resources. The concept appeals thought to deforestation and reasonable handling of wood material. Lamps bring to the interior effect ofthe hot flames and embers, thus for a user, his family, friends, folks and visitors creates a pleasant feeling of warmth and effect lighting. AXEL family consists of one static ( Axel M ) and two adjustable floor standing lamps (S and L), which the lampshade can be positioned between 0 ° - 270 ° and the change to direct light to atmospheric . This makes them suitable to use in the public and also private interior. The first series is called Native and is made of solid beech wood and modified oak veneers. In the near future will be added new series, characteristic of different kinds of natural veneers for lampshade and different kinds of solidwood for the body of the lamp. Specialty will be a series of colored veneers lampshades.Product formation was supported by the Tatra Banka Foundation in the program More Design!. The series was presented during the Bratislava Design Week 2013. The first piece of AXEL native S was auctioned at the side event A(u)kcia : In the Midl Design Forum , the first design auction in Slovakia. Axel lamps and other products of young designer Martin Žabka are available at www.martynzabka.com.

ELEMENTO stools (2012)

Elemento are static - dynamic seats with four kinds of upholstery. Individual upholstery are inspired by natural elements of the Earth. Those corresponds to the shaping and filling. Earth, air, water and fire. If are ,, elements tamed ", stools provades to users static seating. But when we drop elements and turn stool around, we created a dynamic sitting like a rocking chair. Now you will enjoy boating on the lake, flying balloon, running along the dunes of the Sahara desert or simply kindled flame.


Design: Martyn Žabka (2012)

Material: Pine wood, several kinds of fabrics

Consultation: Miroslav Chovan

INNA chair (2012)

Inna collection includes a table, chairs and pottery. For the collection was chosen simply form to achieve dimensionally pure product. To receive the industrial appearance were used metal joints. The overall appearance is softened by choosing natural materials like solid wood and clay. Ingeniously shaping also represents a production of table top and seats of chairs. From one plywood plate is made one board for table and seats for six chairs.


Design: Martyn Žabka (2011)


Chair: Coloured plywood, polished plywood, beech wood, metal joints

Table: Polished plywood, beech wood, metal joints

Pottery: Natural clay and glaze

Lamps: natural clay and glaze

Consultation: Iveta Melichercikova